If you are preparing to get into a college then you will have to be more smart than intelligent. The admission officers are looking for in a candidate than his academic records and extracurricular activities. They want to give a chance to the student whose personal qualities can add to the fame of the college name. The essay writing services can write the application essay on your behalf or assist you during the whole process but enhancing your personality is something that you will have to work to set your both individual and student goal. THECOLLEGEESSAYWRITING.COM urges the students to put serious thought into the matters of personal values, morals and figure out a way that can highlight those qualities in the application essay.

  • Know what the college wants: the college wants you to answer the most difficult question of what sets you apart from the lot of students that are applying for the same course and how you can possibly contribute in upholding the name of the university that will make them consider admitting you. The qualities that the admission officer looks for are:
    • Leadership quality,
    • Risk taker,
    • Initiative,
    • Socially responsible,
    • The willingness to serve, and
    • Special or unique talents.
  • Sources that can help show the colleges that you are special:
    • Participation in extracurricular activities: the activities that the student indulges in outside the walls of the classroom reflect his character. That is the reason that you encounter applications that focus on collecting the details of your extracurricular activities. That does not mean the number of activities dominates the decision-making ability of your admission officer, he will be more interested in knowing what you learned and how the activity helped in your personality growth.
    • Summer jobs and internships: the huge break that a student receives in the summer time can help him work in a way that provides an insightful outlook to his character. The job can be anything from working in a restaurant or in the group of essay writers. The growth and the knowledge gained from it matters.
    • The application essay or the college essay: this your ultimate source to allow the admission officer to know who you are and how you plan to contribute to the well-being of the university.
    • Recommendation letters: the letters of recommendation from the teachers that know you will provide an insight into your personality and the qualities that you exhibited in class like fairness and leadership.

It is advisable to hire professional essay writers from essay writing services to help you draft an excellent application essay that reflects the good qualities in you that will make your application stand out from the crowd. If the student has more than one university that he wants to apply to, to increase the probability of his acceptance, he can avail the assistance of custom essay writing services which will draft the essay on the specific instructions given by the customer to match his expectation level.
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